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  • Advocating and educating the community about responsible dog ownership
  • Working with local vets and trainers
  • Supporting canine recreational programs and activities
  • Helping to maintain and expand Manchester's first community dog park


Who is Manchester Dog Owners Group?

Manchester Dog Owners Group, Inc. (MDOG) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization. MDOG is not affiliated with any political party or office. MDOG does not share information about its members with anyone.

What role do pets play in community life?

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Frequently Asked Questions


Manchester Dog Owners Group, Inc.(MDOG) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. We are an all volunteer group making change for you and your dog. We advocate responsible dog ownership and are active in the community educating dog owners with information about choosing the right dog, trainer, vet, what it means to be a responsible dog owner, and community programs that may be available to owners such as spay/neuter, AKC CGC, and more. We encourage the town to participate in our efforts by programming recreational activities through the Recreation Department and help in promoting Animal Control's annual vaccine and licensing clinic.

If you are interested in working with MDOG to create educational, community, or recreational programs, please contact us at If you would like to volunteer for MDOG, please contact us at For more information about MDOG, please click here to see the MDOG trifold brochure.

Canine socialization and exercise are important to MDOG. A well-exercised, well-socialized dog is a welcome member of any community. That's why MDOG hosts a monthly dog hike and is working with the Town of Manchester Parks Department in managing Manchester's first community dog park. Here, dogs of all kinds would be able to socialize and exercise in a safe, enclosed area. 



Pet ownership is a positive aspect of our society.  Many studies have shown the benefits of pet ownership to the mental and physical health of people of all ages.  Taking a dog into a social situation provides a means for social interaction between people that otherwise may not be possible.  It is easy to start up conversations when a pet is present and many friendships begin in this way.  For some elderly people, an outing with their dog may provide the only contact with other people in their day.  For people with mobility problems, a dedicated dog-friendly area allows exercising of their dog without walking any distance.  For most dog owners, the opportunity to meet other dog lovers is a happy and rewarding experience, just as it is for their dogs to meet other dogs.



According to the Town Clerk’s Office, there are 3,714 licensed dogs in Manchester and it is estimated that there are more unlicensed dogs in Manchester than there are licensed dogs.  The estimated 7400 dogs in town represent about 28% of the town’s households. 



On January 3, 2012, the Manchester Board of Directors authorized the signing of the offical Dog Park Agreement between the Town of Manchester and MDOG.  MDOG has officially signed the agreement and is moving forward with building preparations. A small ground-breaking ceremony was held in mid-March, 2012, and our contractor is Knight & Sons Construction. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to articles in the Hartford Courant and Manchester Reminder about the beginning of dog park construction.  MDOG is in need of volunteers now more than ever! MDOG still needs to raise money, contact vendors, staff events, and more.  Whether you are only able to help with a few hours once in a while or you can commit for a few hours once a week, we have a need and an appreciation for the value of your time. 

The dog park is behind the Water Treatment Center in Mt. Nebo Park on Spring Street in Manchester.

Funds will still be needed to help complete the park by creating two sections of the park (large and small areas) and adding desired amenities.

Your support is needed to help create and maintain the dog park. Stay updated on our activities by checking our calendar or going to our Facebook page.



  • Dogs are social animals. Families and single people own them because they provide affection and companionship, and teach children responsibility and caregiving.
  • Dogs need exercise. They need to run and play with their owners to work off energy and satisfy their need for challenge and stimulation. It is a reality that in our society many dogs must be left alone for long hours while their owners go to work. Dogs that are deprived of exercise, stimulation and socialization may become problems for their owners, their neighbors and for other dogs because they are bored. Good behavior is learned through interaction with people and other animals. In order to learn good behavior, dogs need to be brought out of isolation into social situations. They are by nature pack animals and should not be isolated from other dogs.
  • Dog owners are regular users of Manchester's open space and parks. Even though owners are supposed to clean up after their pets, sometimes dog feces are a problem in park areas, at athletic fields and on school grounds. A dog park will provide an attractive option for dog owners, reducing the damage caused by digging and by dog waste. Manchester has created many parks for its citizens, most of which contain a variety of athletic fields and other active recreation facilities serving thousands of residents. According to the Town Clerk's Office, there are 3,714 licensed dogs in Manchester, and it is estimated that there are more unlicensed dogs than there are licensed dogs. Many dog owners are now coming forward to request that the town provide a facility to meet their recreational needs.
  • Owning a dog encourages people to exercise and enjoy their town's open spaces. Dog exercise areas have been places where neighbors and other local residents regularly meet and greet, often forming longer lasting community ties.
  • A dog park that allows licensed dogs encourages residents to get their dogs licensed, creating revenue for the town.



The dog park is located at Mount Nebo behind the Water Department building, a site which already has a parking lot.  The location is fenced and surfaced with wood chips.  Eventually, there will be separate small/older and large dog areas. There is a source of drinking water very near the site. 

MDOG President Alysia Duke speaking at the Grand Opening, June 3, 2012

The ribbon cutting, June 3, 2012

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Grand Opening Celebration

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Please help keep our dog park clean. Thank you!



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