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Dear Business Owner,

      We would like to introduce you to the Manchester Dog Owners Group, also known as MDOG.  We are dedicated to making Manchester a more dog-friendly community and are happy to be your guide to enjoying your dog in the Manchester area.

      MDOG takes an active role in the community by hosting dog-friendly events and educating the public on responsible dog ownership practices.  In addition to our members, our Friends of the Canine Community consists of the Manchester Parks and Recreations Department and Manchester Animal Control, as well as local trainers, veterinarians, and businesses.

      It is important that our canine citizens are good neighbors.  Part of being a good canine neighbor is getting the right amount of exercise to prevent unwanted behavior.  That is why our signature project is to create and maintain an off leash dog park within the town of Manchester.  We also sponsor other off-leash activities through the Parks and Recreation Department and offer a referral service for Manchester Animal Control.

      In order to make MDOG a success, we need the support of people like you.  Dog- friendly businesses like yours would benefit from our Friends of the Canine Community program.  For an annual donation of $100, your business’ website or Yellow Pages listing would be linked to for one year, reaching the owners of thousands of dogs in the Manchester area.  As we grow, so will your benefits. 

If you are interested in finding out more about MDOG and our Friends of the Canine Community program, please contact: Tammy Castonguay at 268-3195.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Manchester Dog Owners Group 

Friends of the Canine Community

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