Pokémon Café ReMix-Pokémon Café ReMix v3.70.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Moves, Money)

Pokémon Café ReMix-Pokémon Café ReMix v3.70.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Moves, Money) title=

Pokémon Café ReMix


Pokémon Café ReMix welcomes you to the famous cafe, and here you are, its special guest. This exciting puzzle game has a harmonious combination between you and the cute Pokémon in the shop. The cafe is always pleased to serve you because you are the special guest of the cafe and the owner of the Pokémon. In other words, you are the team leader to lead your employees to new paths and give the cafe more unique features.


Here, Pokémon Café ReMix collects all the outstanding Pokémon of the era together here to make a difference. The game always welcomes everyone to gather here and immerse themselves in the common life of this happy Pokémon home. You have a noble mission to lead the staff to vigorously develop the coffee chain to expand and catch the trend to build independent shops.

A complete menu must first be developed before allocating work. To build the menu, we have to go through the brain puzzle rounds. Use your quickness to see where in the frame similar Pokémon are and arrange them in a sequence. This arrangement is to create a uniform so that it is easy to get through the round and get excellent hints.


In addition to coffee, you should also have ideas for new dishes such as cakes, appetizers, or other luxurious dishes. Each of your ideas will contribute significantly to the development of Pokémon Café ReMix. The effective help of all types of Pokémon is enough for us to see the harmony that players are looking for. They are the powerful arms that lead us to new successes.

Divide the work equally for each group of Pokémon and set a milestone for the competition between the groups. The group with the better results will immediately receive valuable gifts from the game. New items are relaunched on the market and receive positive contributions, partly encouraging and the other bringing our own joy. Equipping a perfect menu to launch dishes that stir the market is a big goal for players to aim for.


Each of our Pokémon will upgrade gradually and reach some great limit. We always see that they all have a cute and funny side, always helping each other to accomplish a problem. After the rounds, Pokémon Café ReMix will require us to upgrade Pokémon by changing our behavior, changing the way we work, and changing the character’s appearance. In the collection, there are always available changing features that players need to pay attention to.

Through this, Pokémon Café ReMix always wins the great love of players. New ideas are introduced, new exciting things always continue to be the tremendous success of the game. Let’s build a mighty Pokémon collective and build colorful store chains. It is you who are successful, and you are also the ideal model that everyone is aiming for.


Complete this entertaining cookery problem in which you must mix and match symbols to connect them!As the proprietor of the café, you’ll be tasked with solving riddles with the assistance of your Pokémon employees.Make use of each Pokémon’s specialization and individuality, and strive for three-star results!A large number of Pokémon make an appearance! You may even take pleasure in changing their attire!Pokémon that you befriend will become part of your team and assist you in the café.Dressing up your personnel in Pokémon costumes can bring life to your café!As you go through the ranks of your staff Pokémon, they will be able to dress in a variety of various clothes. In addition, special clothes for certain Pokémon will be issued on a regular basis!Recruit a wide variety of Pokémon, boost their levels, and turn your home into a Pokémon café!