Horror Show - Online Survival-Horror Show v1.03 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Horror Show - Online Survival-Horror Show v1.03 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

Horror Show - Online Survival


Horror Show is a super horror role-playing game with a murder element. Only a small group of survivors remained in the city. Under the pursuit of the killer, will they be able to escape?! Be whatever character you want and build your story. Limit your imagination and role-playing with the created 3D graphics and deadly atmosphere. An experience like the main character in a horror movie!


In the city of the Horror Show, there was also a small group of survivors. The scene that appeared was a ruined city with broken furniture and dead people everywhere. A serial killer causes this, and he is also looking for the remaining group of survivors. If you choose the character of a civilian survivor, your first task is to run away from the killer. There are four types of living characters to choose from: the middle-aged man, the learned old man, the young girl, and the young man. Before you die, choose your character and name your character.

Start the game; if you are in a room, observe it. Take the items you think are useful to you, such as sticks, guns, etc. And find the remaining survivors. To win, you need the help and alliance of a group of people to survive. Suppose you encounter other locked or in danger players, do your best to save them. Navigate with the touch of your phone easily. Do not move around because the killer may catch you. If you let that killer come close and attack you, you will die and lose.


Another character that you can also play is a serial killer. In the Horror Show, you are unique and act independently without anyone’s support. However, the killer is you have more power than people. When you get close and touch the living, they will die. Killing all survivors in the city is your mission. As long as you are alone on the map, you will be the winner.

There are four killer characters to choose from. Each character has a different appearance and creates a terrifying impression, like the perverted killers in horror movies. Take, for example, the mummy character, which is a man wrapped in duct tape like a mummy. With the saw constantly squeaking, it was like an obsession with the living group. Move through the entire city area and quickly find the last survivors. Kill them before they find a way to make you lose. Make the game more interesting by upgrading your character and creating traps that kill the dead!


Horror Show deserves to be the best team game to gather with friends. What if you do not know who the murderer is in a group of people, whether the person is sitting next to or the opposite? A playroom of five people is created to explore this city together, a horrible nightmare. You can invite friends relatives or invite other strange players. The game is recommended with violent and stimulating elements, not suitable for children.

A special hide-and-seek game with compelling characters and storylines. Horror elements are described in detail to increase the excitement and thrill of playing the game. The image in the game is refined for each character, each object, and the context. Sound is also a point that makes the game even more creepy. The sound of footsteps, the sound of electric saw blades, the sound of music playing, etc., create an impression like a scary movie.


The game hides and seeks a horror version with the incarnation of two characters: a survivor and a serial killer pervert.Become a fugitive – a living character. Choose a character from the group of survivors, start your survival journey and find others to join forces.Choosing to be a murderer is a bold decision. With a creepy appearance, it becomes the living group’s obsession when searching and killing them.Invite your friends to join this exciting fun with friends mode or other new players.Slaughtering graphics with scary elements and creepy sounds create a space like a scene in a horror movie, in which you have now become the main character.